Founder & Creative Director

Marie was born in Athens Greece and is a member of the distinguished fashion family, Raxevsky. She received her degreefrom Bentley University in Boston where she studied Marketing and Management.  

Her love for fashion was inherited by her mother and grandfather who have been in the clothing business for more than 50 years. Marie’s inspiration and appreciation of textiles stem from her experience working in her family's kidswear business and fond memories of those dear to her heart.  

Marie began to work for Mini Raxevsky in 2005 and was the Marketing & Commercial Development Manager for 12 years. Soon, after she became a mother of two children, she decided to create her own brand and carry the Raxevsky heritage.   

Driven by her passion of innovation and entrepreneurship, she will debut a swimwear collection for kids and families in 2021, carrying on her family's legacy. 

Marie’s world is constantly defined by a combination of contrasting elements. Boho-romantic and elegant chic, sumptuous and minimal are mixed to create unique pieces. 

Loves to see delicate silhouettes and handcrafted details flowing under the sun, from morning to sunset. 

She creates elegant looks that she has always admired. 

Her brand which goes by her name is classic, romantic and has a modern twist.